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About the CREATOR of this "Proven" Feng Shui Certification:

Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Master Feng Shui author and consultant, Suzee Miller, has been a Real Estate Broker for over 30 yrs. Along with two other professionals she helped open the first two RE/MAX franchises in the state of California over 25 yrs ago, and owned and operated her own real estate company with 52 agents for many years.

She was first introduced to Feng Shui, years ago, when transactions started to "fall-out" of contract due to "BAD" Feng Shui. In those days, Feng Shui was "strictly" an Asian practice.

TODAY, Feng Shui embraces all cultures, people and professionals, and is now a Universal art and science.


According to Suzee:

"Feng Shui IS NOT about Philosophy, Religion, Superstition, nor is it an occult practice.

FENG SHUI is the Study of ENERGY, and how Energy IMPACTS our homes, offices, listings, careers and lives.

The GOAL of "good" Feng Shui is to regulate "the flow and accumulation"of POSITIVE Life Force Energy called ... Chi (Qi)

When this is accomplished, Time, Space, People and the Environment unite as ONE integral entity that ATTRACTS Opportunity, Blessings and Good Fortune...EFFORTLESSLY

Simply stated, FENG SHUI is a unified field of Energy - referred to in our Western culture - as Quantum Mechanics or Quantum Physics.

A Feng Shui ENVIRONMENT promotes Peace, Balance, Harmonious Relations, Vitality, Health, Love, Wealth and Prosperity.

Feng Shui and its applications in real estate ...SELLS property FASTER, irrespective of what IS or ISN"T happening in the economy at large!"


Suzee Miller has studied under three Chinese Masters & has authored countless Feng Shui Educational Programs and speaks at architectural, building, design and real estate conventions worldwide. She is a "frequent guest" on radio and TV, and is the "creator" of the 5 ELEMENT BUSINESS SYSTEM®, that has helped thousands of business and real estate professionals achieve WEALTH in record time. Suzee Miller knows exactly how to IGNITE "your" Life and Career in OPTIMUM time via Feng Shui.


The Benefits of this CERTIFICATION Program

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Customer and Client Feng Shui Success Stories

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Now you can learn Feng Shui Certification at a price you can afford!

With our Certification program, there are NO "hidden" costs or expensive seminars to attend, hotels or air flights to pay for...

Now you can learn how to IMPROVE your Life and Career - at your own pace - from the comfort of your home, office, computer or iPod ... 24/7!

The next step is simple!

After you have listened to all of the audio programs in Feng Shui CERTIFICATION, you will be given access to our Members' only web site where you can test your "new" Feng Shui skill and knowledge with Suzee's Question and Answer PRINT outlines.

With a passing score of 80% or better (done on the honor system), you are now eligible to submit TWO (2) of your favorite "Success Stories" to get Feng Shui CERTIFIED!!!

You will be shown how to do the above, step-by-step, in the course material.

Once your success stories are approved, you will receive Feng Shui Certification in your area of expertise - a professional designation that not only you can be proud of..but also one that will help you be of GREATER SERVICE to those you love and serve.



We take the Confusion "OUT" of learning Feng Shui "right" from the


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"Your Feng Shui Certification course is fabulous!! I am listening to each program a couple of times while making notes, and I can’t tell you how much I have learned already and I’m just on CD # 3. As a Real Estate agent who is also a Certified Stager, your course is absolutely invaluable to both realtors and professional stagers.In the past, I have taken great pride in the interior staging, but with my “new feng shui”knowledge and your excellent teaching, I feel that this will tie everything together especially the land, plus putting the correct emphasis on the interior rooms. I am thrilled that your certification course information found its way to my email box. It is truly going to make a huge difference in my business."
–Diane Sutton, RE/MAX - VA

"I can hardly wait to get my designation so I can advertise...this really works and I am just got two new listings because I told the builder I would feng shui them...she is so excited and doing everything I tell her to do. Suzee, this is the best approach to selling real estate that I have ever taken...I have found new energy and purpose for selling homes! THANK YOU!"
Elwynn Schwartz, Chattanooga Real Estate Consultants

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