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Welcome. I am Troy L. Tate, legal counsel for Feng Shui Paradigms. You have come to this site because either you clicked the CERTIFIED Professionals link on this site, or you are considering working with a Feng Shui CERTIFIED professional and clicked our logo Icon link on their site. This page is designed to educate you on what it means to be a Certified Feng Shui Real Estate Professional.

Suzee Miller, a Feng Shui master, developed this Certification program to train architects, builders, and real estate professionals ... Feng Shui applications in real estate. This elite group of professionals know how to help people like you: (1) sell and/or lease property at top dollar, (2) design, build and/or purchase property that has "good" Feng Shui and that is compatible with your personal element/energy. (3) organize and stage your home or office so that the flow of Chi (energy) is strong, supportive and unobstructed. 4) communicate and negotiate skillfully on your behalf.

As you may have learned already from your Feng Shui Certified Real Estate Professional, Feng Shui is no longer exclusively an Asian art or science, nor does it have anything to do with religion, philosophy or superstition. Feng Shui is the study of ENERGY and how energy impacts our lives. "Ch'i..ENERGY.. can bless you in a variety of ways including improving your relationships, partnerships, career, health, and finances. Feng Shui teaches you how to tap into POSITIVE ... life force energy ... where you live and where you work.

The Real Estate Professional who referred you to this site is among a very select group. He or she has fulfilled all of the requirements for developing a competency in Feng Shui that less than ten (10) percent of all real estate professionals, worldwide, are privileged to know. Professionals enrolled in Suzee Miller's Feng Shui Certification Program must fulfill all of the following before they can become Certified:

  1. Listen to and learn the content of over twenty hours of audio programs produced by Feng Shui Master, Suzee Miller on Feng Shui (which I describe in more detail below);
  2. Test their skill and knowledge by answering correctly all "self-study" online Question/program outlines.
  3. Dedicate a minimum of 10 hours to "hands on" practice in the field, applying Feng Shui principles to space clearing, stagging & marketing property prior to assisting their clients.
  4. Demonstrate to us that they can apply what they have learned. This requires the professional to submit and certify as true, two (2) detailed success stories where their skill and knowledge has benefited clients (like yourself), using Feng Shui principles in real estate.

The audio programs the candidates must listen to and learn honors many masters, teachers and authors of Feng Shui:


Myth, Magic and Reality: This program's focus is on the important core principles of Feng Sh, ui in real estate. Feng Shui savvy real estate professionals incorporate Yin/Yang, Ch'I and the Five Elements to balance and regulate the flow of energy in property.
Color Your Listings SOLD with Feng Shui: Suzee's famous audio book teaches professionals, step-by-step, how to increase the emotional, physical and visual appeal of property to attract buyers.
Color Your Property SOLD with Feng Shui: The power of placement increases the flow of energy inside residential and commercial listings (via the five senses), which increases contract activity.

Elementally 8:

This advanced course is on Classical Feng Shui ... the "8" element personality profiles and property types. Only dedicated, pro-active professionals tend to grasp this sophisticated teaching. Once learned, such professionals understand which properties and elements best support their clients. These certified professionals then communicate confidently, effectively and elementally using advanced Feng Shui principles, which improves their sales & closing ratios significantly. Understanding 8 Mansions, allows them to close deals more quickly and on more advantageous terms for clients like you. This powerful study improves & enriches the quality of relationships, including the one with you and your professional.

Advanced Feng Shui:

This Program includes five powerful conference call seminars that Suzee conducted worldwide. The course covers advanced Form School Feng Shui for architects, builders, brokers, agents and affiliates. Each enrollee learns how to spot, locate and/or create safe, healthy and beautiful Earth environments. The five seminars are:

  • CAPITALIZE on Feng Shui's 20 Year Cycle thru 2023
  • LIKE GRAVITY... You Don't Have To Believe In Feng Shui For It To Work
  • READY OR NOT... Let's Feng Shui
  • CHI WIZ... Feng Shui and the Land
  • THE LAND... Gua by Gua

Suzee and her team also strongly encourage these select Professionals to review her training programs bi-annually, and to build upon their core knowledge of Feng Shui through outside resources as well.

If you have any other questions about the Certification program, contact Feng Shui Paradigms at 1.800.499.7844 for more information. We would be happy to talk with you more about Feng Shui and/or about how using a Certified Real Estate Professional can benefit you, personally.


Troy L. Tate, Esq.
Legal Counsel for Feng Shui Paradigms

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