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Dear Suzee,

After joining your classes for the 2nd year at C 21 RE Convention, I decided to become certified. I recieved my CD's and I have listened to each one at least 8 times. Every time I listen, I learn another truth. It is truly amazing! I have been Feng Shuing my listings and now I hardly have any inventory. I could tell you at least a dozen success stories.

I love your CD's. Your teaching style is wonderful, your voice is pleasant and your diction is precise. I feel that I have learned so much. Can't wait to take my tests and share all my success stories with you and our network.

Peace and Joy to you, my Feng Shui Friend,"

Hope Downey
CENTURY 21 Hope Downey Team

"I bless you everyday that you enlightened me to Feng Shui....if it wasn't for that initial e-mail you sent me way back, I know that I would not be saying that I have currently over $130,000 in commissions in contract. I owe it all to your Feng Shui educational products........Thanks so very much!"

Debra L, Stagg
REMAX Hills & Valley
New Jersey

"I just had a little cubicle office space that I shared with another agent and didn't think Feng Shui would make a big difference in my career but decided to Feng Shui it anyway, after hearing Suzee Miller speak. Within days, it was like I was launched from a cannon. Business came from everywhere and my clients were/are to this day a joy to work with. It's 1-1/2 yrs later and I'm now #1 in my office!"

Janie Sullivan
Coldwell Banker

"Last summer I noticed the market times doubling and I said to myself, 'Do you want these homes sold in 2-3wks or 2-3 months?' Obviously, the sellers opted for the former, so I started studying Feng Shui. In the past year I have sold 35 homes, all in less than 30 days and for 98.6% of the list price, and Feng Shui is a big part of my selling homes faster and for more money.

"My best story is that I sold a home in less than 36 hrs (on Thanksgiving weekend, no less) that literally backed up to a major expressway. I have a lot of other success stories where the owners were with another agent for literally months and I sold their homes in a few days!"

Marilyn O'Connor
Re/Max Suburban

"I was very reluctant to take the plunge. However, I had a lot of clients that would do nothing without consulting their Feng Shui Master before decorating or making a move, so I finally decided to give it a try. I was referred to Suzee Miller by several colleagues and decided to have her audit the Feng Shui of my new office. I fought her recommendations all the way, but fortunately Suzee prevailed and did not give up on me! The first year after Feng Shui, my business increased considerably. Since first consulting Suzee two and a half years ago, my commission income now exceeds one million dollars annually and I now have a dynamic and supportive team. For the first time in years, it's actually fun to come to work.

Suzee not only is a tremendous professional, but also an amazing person who I am honored and extremely grateful to know. Thank you Suzee!"

Hillary L. Thomas

"Feng Shui and Suzee Miller have made the most incredible changes in my life. My business is soaring, I have found the most wonderful new assistant, my team at the office is working at peak production and our business has never been better. In the last 60 days we have put over30 transaction sides into escrow. On the personal side, my life has never been better, I have a wonderful new love in my life and my children are doing awesome. I started as a Feng Shui skeptic and now I am a huge believer, thanks to Suzee."

Chris McKeen
Prudential Real Estate

"This program WORKS and it works fast. I Feng Shui all my listings now; it's great billboard advertisement for more listings and referral business. I'm SOLD on Feng Shui and I'm SOLD on Suzee Miller!"

Sam Spade
Keller Williams

"Since you Feng Shui'd my office a month ago, and Feng Shuiing my listings, lot's of business has been coming my way. Haven't had time to hand out fliers or do mailers to first time buyers. I have 4 escrows and 2 listings in the works this week. Yesterday I had an old client's friend look me up after 1-1/2 yrs. to tell me she is ready to buy a beachfront condo up to $500,000. It's amazing what a little rearrangement can do for business!"

Steve Robles

"Since learning Suzee's 5 Element Business System in February 2003, we just put 16 transactions into escrow in less than 3 weeks!!! This system is AMAZING and we learned it in less than 2 hours too! In the prior year, our business increased 300% and we made the cover of Broker Agent magazine within 6 months of Feng Shuing our home and office. (this can all be done by phone..one-on-one with Suzee) Feng Shui has positively enriched and changed our lives and real estate careers!"

Mary & Michael Fry
Century 21

"I Feng Shui'd my office and my home in November of 2001. The following month was my best December ever! The start of 2002 has been amazing for me, I have already exceeded 2/3 of the income i earned from all of last year and it's only May 1st.! Business just seems to come out of the blue, but I know it is the Feng Shui at work. I also had a difficult listing that I used your tips from "Color Your Listings Sold", and it sold in no time at all! People and situations now just seem to present themselves, and referrals from past clients come in like never before!

Your business plan is great not only because of the Feng Shui involved, but it really organized me, which I needed and I feel empowered now since moving my desk around and working in my best directions. The more things I put into practice, the busier I get!

Thanks Suzee...I know we will do a lot more together in the future!"

Kathy Shasha
Coldwell Banker R.E.

"Suzee Miller SAVED my commission for less than the price of an ad in Homes and Land. My seller was going to take her home off the market in 2 weeks, so I immediately e-mailed Suzee photos and a virtual tour of my listing and faxed her the floor plan, comps, and MLS printout. She consulted by phone with my seller and me on Thursday, buyers flooded the house on Friday, we received an offer on Saturday and opened escrow on Monday...with 3 back-up offers!!!"

Jean Tietgen
Star Real Estate

"Suzee, I purchased and listened to your marketing program on Color Your Listings Sold and sold a difficult listing, 2 days later after Feng Shuing it myself. Your audio book is fantastic and everything you say is true. What a great way to market and sell property. Thank you so much for introducing me to this unique concept; I intend to market all my listings with Feng Shui."

Pam Luckey
Coldwell Banker

"My first experience with Feng Shui was when one of my sellers hired Feng Shui expert Suzee Miller. The home had been on the market for 150 days with 3 price reductions. After Suzee spent 2 hours doing Feng Shui, we sold it on Open House, 3 days later!

"I can tell you that not all Feng Shui experts are alike. It takes the combination of training, experience, vision, and talent to "see" what Suzee Miller can see, do, and teach in minutes!"

Barb Webber
Star Real Estate

"As a professional realtor, I wanted to ensure top dollar for my listing I had across the street from my personal residence and bring in good neighbors. I contacted Suzee after attending a seminar in San Diego to help bring my intentions to fruition. True to form, she Feng Shui'd the listing and helped bring a wonderful couple to purchase the home. The couple came the day after Suzee Feng Shui d the home and within days were back making an offer. We had some challenges that were worked out during escrow and we closed on time! My clients have implemented Feng Shui principles into their new home and have had great success following Suzee's advise; the husband has alleviated a chronic health problem and they have increased their wealth, substantially."

Phyllis A. Weiss
One Source Realty/GMAC

Suzee, you are a real CLASS ACT! Everyone just raved about you yesterday, and I already have people signed up on a list for the next time we sponsor you! You and your team are wonderful and you all work so well with one another!

Your Feng Shui presentation was AWESOME!!
Thank You and we can't wait till you visit with us at Orange County Association of REALTORS® Again !

Cassie Cardenas
OCAR Education & Special Events Director

Suzee is a real pro and an excellent speaker and presenter. She spoke clearly, with lots of positive energy and enthusiasm, while establishing herself as an authority. She was well organized and used a computer with LCD projector to display her presentation. I was very impressed with the way she was able to maintain control of her presentation and the way she handled questions from the group. The room was filled with over 80 eager real estate professionals who were so pleased with Suzee's presentation that they begged her to come back again for another seminar. Her educational products are sensational too, and a must for every REALTOR®!

Dr. Rob, Editor
Feng Shui News

"Thank you---your Advanced Feng Shui is awesome!!!. I was shocked at the way my body has been responding to all the new energy this year. The seminar helped me to understand everything so much better. Feng shui is really fun and fascinating. Suzee you are an incredible eductor."

Diane Mazzocio, RE/MAX

"Just a quick note to thank you for the two presentations I attended in Miami that you gave on Feng Shui. I have implemented some of your ideas and am having great success. I have placed red geraniums at all of my listings (4) and 3 have sold in the last 2 weeks! I have cleared my desk more and am working to do more. All is helping my mental energies to keep current and energized. Thanks again for sharing this information. Your twist on Feng Shui in business is unique and powerful."

Gail Pearson, Realtor

"I had the good fortune of introducing Suzee Miller at our 2003 Realty Executives International Convention in Miami, Florida this year. The audience was captivated, enchanted and charmed with her wealth of knowledge. In fact, I don't think any of us blinked as we were all madly taking notes as fast as we could. Her following presentation on The POWER of Placement was not only attended by 100% of those present at her first seminar, but the room overflowed with new broker and agent attendees once the word got out on how good Suzee was on the subject of Feng Shui in real estate.

Being the Facilities Director of the Realty Executives Phoenix franchise, I am responsible for approximately 20 offices throughout the metropolitan area and I can assure you that Suzee's input and expertise will be a strong influence on the future of our leases, buildings and office design."

Mick Matthews, CPM
Facilities Director
Realty Executives

"On behalf of the Buena Park Chamber of Commerce, thank you for your fantastic presentation to our members at the October 29 breakfast meeting. I have never seen such an enthusiastic group of people surround a speaker after a presentation to buy educational product, in all my years in the Chamber business! We are still receiving comments about what a wonderful speaker you are and how intrigued and excited our members were to hear your program."

Gail Dixon

"We got DRE approval on two of Suzee's Feng Shui seminar topics in the state of Washington, for our WAR state convention. Close to 400 Realtors (with standing room only) attended each of her seminars. She was by far the hit of the convention; she literally had to be escorted by monitors to the restroom, as the agents swarmed all over her during the break. The information she presented was well-organized, informative, and unique. Not only that, she gracefully combined humor with logic and took a foreign topic and made it exciting and easy to comprehend. We highly recommend Suzee Miller and Feng Shui for Real Estate"

Steve Francks
Executive Vice President
Washington Association of REALTORS

"Suzee Miller is not only knowledgeable on the subject of Feng Shui, but she is also an incredible educator and public speaker. Southland Title held a Title and Escrow Seminar with over 200 professionals in attendance of which Suzee was one of the featured speakers. Within 90 days of attendance, agents and affilitates who bought her products, reported miraculous success stories using Feng Shui principles in real estate."

Kent Koepsell
Regional Vice President
Southland Title

"Suzee was the keynote speaker at our last annual retreat aboard the Carnival Cruise line to Mexico. Everyone loved LOCATION..LOCATION..FENG SHUI, along with her unique sales and Feng Shui marketing tips. Our agents are now using Feng Shui principles to sell property and the results have been positively amazing. We highly recommend Suzee and all of her seminars and products."

Jan Sandquist
Realty Executives

"We listened to your REALTOR EMPOWERMENT COURSE last Friday, and went out 2 days later and Feng Shui'd our Sunday open house (a listing on the market over 40 days). It took us less than 30 minutes to Feng Shui it, and to our shock and amazement within one hour the first buyer who walked in... bought it!!! The buyer commented: 'this house feels good,' not only that our seller received top dollar, the buyer put more than 35% down, and we're closing escrow in 30 days! Thank you Suzee Miller, your Feng Shui techniques are incredible!!!"

Nancy and Mike Fenn
Apple Valley, CA

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